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Raw goat's milk offers many benefits

Delicious fresh goat's milk
Raw goat's milk offers many benefits
Friday, March 04, 2011 by: Luella May

(NaturalNews) In western civilization, most milk consumption is in the form
of pasteurized and homogenized cow's milk. Although such milk is portrayed
as being healthy, it actually can lead toimpaired health, including allergies,
tooth decay, colic in babies, arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer. A much
better choice is raw milk, and, though generally more difficult to find, the best
raw milk of all is raw goat's milk. As the Journal of American Medicine states,
"Goat's milk is the most complete food known."

Goat's milk is the most highly consumed milk in many other parts of the
world and it is delicious aswell as extremely nutritious. Goat's milk has
vitamins, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, and
fatty acids that are easily assimilated by the body. It is interesting to note
that goat's milkis digested in 20 minutes; whereas, it can take up to 24
hours to digest cow's milk.

Pasteurization and homogenization are not what nature intended. These
processes destroy valuable natural enzymes and nutrients that our bodies
utilize to sustain health. They also alter food chemicals and make fats rancid.

Cow's milk and goat's milk differ greatly in their nutritional composition.
Goat's milk does not contain the complex protein that stimulates allergic
reactions, making it less allergic. It also helps to boost the immune
system. Goat's milk alkalizes the digestive system and also helps to
increase the ph level in the blood stream. Furthermore, goat's milk does
not produce mucus and will not worsen allergic respiratory conditions
such as asthma.

Goat's milk also contains less of the enzyme xanthise oxidase. When
entering the blood stream, this enzyme can cause tissue on the heart to
scar that results in the liver supplying more cholesterol in order to protect
the heart. Arteriosclerosis can be the result of this mechanism. Additionally,
homogenization of milk products has also been linked to heart disease.

People who are lactose intolerant may find goat's milk to be a good
alternative source of milk. Goat's milk contains less lactose than cow's
milk and passes through the digestive system more rapidly. Most lactose
intolerant people have no difficulty tolerating goat's milk.

Additionally, raw goat's milk fights microbes, primarily due to the
healthy medium-chained fatty acids it contains, such as capric and
caprylic acids. It is very important to note that raw goat's milk is
rich in selenium, a necessary bodily nutrient known for its immune
strengthening and antioxidant properties.

Raw goat's milk soothes the digestive tract. People with conditions
such as bloating, diarrhea, asthma, and irritability may very well be
suffering from an allergic reaction to cow's milk. Raw goat's milk on
the other hand can be comfortably consumed without triggering these
allergic responses. Because of its effective acid buffering capacity,
goat's milk has been used to treat conditions such as ulcers.

Children with problems digesting cow's milk may have a viable
alternative in raw goat's milk. Goat's milk is a natural food that
children can consume comfortably, even if they are sensitive to cow
or other forms of milk. In fact, goat's milk is very similar to human
milk. Children who drink goat's milk tend to remain more satisfied
between meals and sleep through the night.

In conclusion, goat's milk provides excellent health benefits, is delicious
and is well tolerated - as opposed to today's pasteurized and homo-
genized varieties, which are not only less nutritious and less tolerated,
but also can be a precursor to poor health.


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