Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Flowers

The Greatest Artist
God is the greatest artist
To whom no one can compare,
Streaking sunsets very beautiful,
Painting rainbows in the air.

Brushing green the hillside scene,
Blotting blue the sky above,
Splashing flowers 'cross the ground beneath,
Shading white clouds with His glove.

Of the wonders God has made
There is none that is so fair
As the smile He paints upon your face
When you realize He's there.

May Rain

I haven't been taking as many pictures as usual this spring.  April was a record month for rain and now we have the month of May. We have had a few days of sun but this week so much rain and dreary days.  But I still got the camera out this morning.  Someone wanted updated pictures of Bea/Walker buckling that is for sale.

Here he is with all those spots.

Had to take some pictures of the other kids too. It is so muddy in the barnyard that not many of the goats would venture out.  Too cozy and warm in the barn.