Saturday, February 25, 2012

Farm Boots

I look all summer long at yard sales for any kind of boot that is waterproof for using to take care of my goats.  Love to get them for a reasonable or cheap is even better price.  I have been able to find some in the past but it seems that are getting harder to find. Finally broke down and bought not one but two pair of waterproof boots. 

One pair for the winter and one pair for the summer.  I usually purchase the Ladybug slip-on clogs from Jeffers for the summer.  Checked the price from Jeffers against some on line. Found out I could get them on line at a better price with free shipping and delivered right to my door.  It is hard for me to purchase things on line if I have never seen them in person. So the first thing I did was go to some shoe stores in Forence looking for waterproof boots.  Found the ones that fit everything I needed at Dicks Sporting Goods.  I wanted pull on boots for the winter that were insulated. These boots are made by Bogs. Here they are:

For my summer boots or shoes I ended up getting these.  I didn't really want this color, but the price was good.  And these are American Made Sloggers.

Nubian Goat Coffee Mug

Another one of my favorite things is pottery.  Pottery is part of our history and also it is art.  My neighbor at Flatcreek Wool and Pottery made this mug for me.  Notice the hoof print on the bottom and she did an excellent job with the shape of the ears.  Getting the nubian ears right is hard to do.