Friday, April 6, 2012


Our kidding season is in full swing here.  Edie started us out with two very handsome bucklings. One looks like Walker and the other one looks like her.

Then Dominique had quads out in the field.  My first for a doe to have kids out in the field.  I just happened to look out my window and saw her standing with one kid by her feet.  I ran out to help her but she was doing fine on her own.  I put the first kid in my coat so it would stay warm, then here came the second.  Jeff came with towels as the third was being born.  The fourth came out right while we were drying number three.  Dominique did great with two spotted doelings and two handsome black bucklings.

Dominiques quads.

                                                  Bea's doeling and buckling.

Lahaina's triplets.

Jessie with one of her bucklings.

Jessie's doeling.

Jessies other buckling.

Isley's one huge beautiful doeling.