Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kidding Season 2013

Kidding season has begun here.  Lahaina started us off with one huge buck.  He looks just like Walker. Bea was next with twins, one doe and one buck.  Then came Minerva's turn with twin does. Both look like Karaja. Very exciting to get triplets and even more exciting when they are triplet does. About a week ago I was so surprised to have a first freshener, Maisie, to have triplets. All three are doing great. My kidding season is spread out this year.  We will be have kids until the end of May.  Here is one of Maisie's little girls saying hello.  Braden is getting this little doe. 

Maisies triplet does!

Bea's twins, one buck and one doe!

Destiny's doe and little buck getting a close-up.

One of Minervas twin does.