Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mela's Kids

Mela had her kids on July 15.  I made a lot of visits to the barn to check on her before those kids were born. Finally around 4:00 PM, Mela was in labor.  She went into full labor very fast but I knew she was having problems. She was pushing too hard and too quickly for the kid not to be coming.  Then came the head but only one foot. Mela was pushing and she was in pain.  The kids head was out but only one foot. What to do? I tried to push the kid back and find the other foot. Mela was pushing with all her heart and I could not find that other foot. So I had to try something else.  Broke the water bag so the kid could breathe and pulled gently when Mela pushed. The huge buck was born and breathing fine.  The first one was out only a few minutes before Mela started pushing again. Then came the other huge buck with no problem.  I guess that is why I couldn't push the first one back to find that foot.  I think the second buck was in the way.

Mela was a little weak and didn't eat much the first couple of days.  Both huge bucks are doing great. Already going out in the field with Mela. Everyone is fine, that is all I can ask.

Mela and her bucklings.

                                                 The dreaded disbudding!!

                                                     First Buckling

                                                  Second Buckling