Friday, August 24, 2012

Goat Milk Stand

   People that come here to pick-up their kids (goats) often ask me about my milk stand.  Where did I get mine and why do I like this one more than a metal one?  Jeff built my milk stand for me about 10 years ago.  I love this one because it is low enough for the girls to easily jump up on even when they are very pregnant. I usually dry my girls off about two months before they kid, but they still need to have their hoofs trimmed or just to check on how things are going with them.  To do this you have to keep your goat stanchioned in a milk stand. 

    I hand milk all my girls. This milk stand is plenty wide enough for me to sit beside my goat while she is eating, I milk her out.  Also, I can use the milk stand as a stanchion for the goats to trim their hoofs. It is strong enough to hold both me and the goat. Plus the width of the stand is wide enough for me to walk all about the goat while trimming hoofs. Another very important thing I like about a heavy wooden milk stand is that it will not fall over if a goat gets scared and tries to get out.

   This milk stand is made out of all wood with no nails, we use carriage bolts and wood screws.  Please contact me if interested in purchasing one for your goats.

The dowels can be moved for different size goats.

The deck is 36 inches wide and 60 inches long.

Feeder bucket is also made in America.


  1. My hubby made mine too and I love it! They just seem to know exactly the components we need in a good stanchion. This is just beautiful

  2. hello can you email me the plans :)

  3. I would love th plans to we get our goats soon :)

    1. We came up with this milking stand because of the others that I didn't like. I wanted a wooden one that would not turn over and a large deck. I don't have any plans. I think my measurements are posted.