Friday, August 24, 2012

Am I a cat lady?

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE A CAT LADY?  I have always had cats around the house.  Usually they are outside cats but I currently have one that lives in the house.  Susie is about 12 years old now.  She has never been a very friendly cat.  Tolerates me petting her once and awhile.  But it is amazing how she communicates what she wants and needs.

My son gave me two cats for the barn about four years ago.  I got busy and forgot to take them to the vet.  So they had kittens.  I really didn't mind having the little kittens.  My grandchildren just loved seeing and playing with them.  I gave away a couple of those kittens but just let the ones that I couldn't give away live in the barn. 

Recently the neighbors moved and left their cats.  I tried not to feed them or take care of them, I really did.  Needless to say we took on those 4 cats also.  The count now is 12 cats that live here. 

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