Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goat Drawing

Received a Christmas card from a new young friend, Alysha. She included this nubian drawing she did for me in her card.  Alysha told me that she enjoys drawing. Thought that was so nice of her and I loved the picture. I meet Alysha and her dad when they came to pick up a buckling, N. KY WindyAcres Sawyer Brown, this past summer.  It is not often I get to meet a young person that has an interest in raising goats. Alysha actually lives close to me in Grant County. I hope to be able to help her with any questions she may have about her goats.  Also told her I can talk all day about goats.  No problem at all.


  1. How neat to see Alysha's work posted here. Thank you...I am glad you enjoy it.
    Christie (Alysha's Mom)