Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Kids 2011

Kidding season is in full swing. So far we have had 4 does and 3 bucks.

Twin does born March 12, dam Summer & sire Walker

 Bea's spotted buck, born March 7.

This is the little doeling born on Monday, February 28, to Lahaina/Walker. Walker throws a lot of black kids so it so nice to see one that was brown and a doe. Both are doing great!!

The triplets have grown so much in the past two weeks. All three are very friendly even after they were disbudded. They have been kicking up their heels in the sunshine this morning.

First kids of the 2011 kidding season are here. Edie/Walker triplets were born on Tuesday, February 15. The little doe was born first, which I was so happy to see. Then came both of the little bucks almost at the same time.

Edie did great but I did have a hard time getting her to stand after the births. I don't like to bother the does when they are in labor or afterwards. Just let nature take its course. But do like to see the does to stand, drink, eat and other natural body functions before I feel that everything is fine. I waited and waited for Edie to stand, but she just was not going to move. So I gently nudged her and told her to get up. Yeah right, like that will work with a goat. Anyway I had to take hold of her rear, watching out for things, and help her up. She was a little weak and complained to me but was fine.

Here are some pictures of our first spring kids 2011.


  1. Oh Marlene, they are just beautiful!

  2. I absolutely love your blog...and these babies are to die for...I am getting ready to talk to you about purchasing 2 or 3 doelings, and can't wait.