Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden Time

    The Iris's are blooming early this year because of the warm spring we are having here.  I really like these flowers and their sweet smell just wish they bloomed longer.  I plant several types of flowers in my vegetable garden and around the yard.  Jett, my grandson, was here on Monday. We walked all around looking at Momaw's flowers.  He is very gentle with the blooms and  for a almost two year old, he seems to appreciate all the beautiful colors.  Jett thought my snow peas, that are blooming, were Momaws flowers too. 

                                                    Jett saying cheese!!!

My snow peas are in full bloom right now. Purple Tip green beans and corn are
looking good so far. All depends on if we get rain when needed this summer.

Okay I can't stay completely away from goats.  Here is Leo looking at us.  The girls are out in the field enjoying all the green pasture.

                                       Popaw and Jett had to go visit LEEOO. 

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