Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cora Bell

Cora Bell is our first LGD.  She is a purebred Great Pyrenees.  I have heard from other people talking about how wonderful their guard dogs are to have around.  But never knew what they meant until we got our Cora Bell. Now if you don't like to hear dogs bark, then don't get a LGD.  They let you know by barking when anything at all is around.

It is something to watch how Cora Bell interacts with the goats. She loves being with them in the barn or when they are out in the field.  Kidding season is always a very special time, so exciting to see all the new kids. When new kids are born here in the spring, Cora Bell has to smell each new addition to get to know them.  I am never afraid that she will hurt them.  When the kids are a couple of weeks old, they usually start climbing all over her.  Cora Bell is like an old mother hen and lets the kids do whatever they want. The cold and snow doesn't bother her at all.  In fact, she loves to roll around and play in the snow.

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  1. Hey Marlene,
    Love your blog! I'm so glad that you've started it.. now I can keep up with what is going on your way (and I'll know when you have cookies) (lol) (now I just might happen to be driving that way..just kidding) I just love the picture of you and Jeff. So sweet. :)